Photo Marketing Solutions

Re-Marketing for Pre-Pay

Maximize your sales, even after the job.

Once Picture Day is complete, there is still an opportunity to gain additional sales — we can show you how.

There is a possibility for re-order sales whether one picture of a subject is taken or more than one. We commonly see photographers make an additional 20% on online re-orders using our system. There is no risk to try online re-orders because we do not charge a hosting fee and we only bill you if you sell something. Re-orders are 70% profit!

CCS Advantages:

  • No hosting fees for images
  • Reporting to show your re-marketing sales over time
  • Customer data and images saved to CCS’ website for online re-marketing for 15 years
  • Powerful email and text campaign tools
  • CCS receives, produces and ships online re-orders direct to consumers
  • Consumers can order across events and create multi-image products using our retail website

Re-Marketing Workflow Example

Step 1

Images & data flow in to our software from Photo Match™, CORE, or Photolynx™

Step 2

Images are available online for 10 years for customers to purchase

Step 3

Emails and texts are sent to customers from easy-to-use campaign templates

Step 4

Customers place an order online using our mobile-friendly website

Step 5

Online orders are sent directly to the CCS lab where they are produced and shipped

Step 6

Funds collected online are placed into the photographers bank account weekly

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