ViewFirst Marketing

An effective alternative to Pre-Pay, with several unique advantages of its own.

View First is appealing to schools and sports leagues, and could be the key to booking hard-to-get business.

There is value to coaches and school administrators in not having to pass out envelopes and collect money. Parents enjoy viewing the images before making a purchase. Although View First typically has lower participation than Pre-Pay, we provide marketing and sales tools that make a difference: higher sales averages!

CCS Advantages:

  • Presentation packets to promote View First to gain business
  • No envelopes to buy or pass out – cutting out the upfront cost
  • No money to manage on Picture Day
  • Using our Photo Match™ software there is little to no data entry required
  • Tools to collect and manage customer contact data
  • Send photo proofs via email or links via text message
  • Online mobile friendly retail website for quick and easy purchasing
  • Easy process for split families and extended family members
  • Don’t forget you can make shipping a profit center using our system!

View First Workflow Example

Step 1

You collect contact data at or before the shoot

Step 2

Photographers take multiple pictures of every subject

Step 3

Match contact data to images using our software

Step 4

Send links to images using our automated campaigns

Step 5

The order is placed and flows directly to the CCS lab

Step 6

Money is then placed into your account weekly

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