Our primary volume photography software platform. This web-based program (PC and MAC friendly) has 2 parts: the Admin for your office and Ecommerce to make sales.

CORE is the most extensive and powerful volume photography software tool in the industry for managing and marketing professional images.

It does (almost) everything! CORE is available at no charge and offered exclusively to our customers. It is part of our powerful suite of software to help you Earn More money and Work Less.

CORE has 3 Pieces:

Core Office

A photographer’s tool to manage images & events, place orders, plan marketing & view data. It’s Free!

CORE Retail (e-commerce)

The powerful & customizable Ecommerce side of the platform. Custom branding available. It’s no-risk…you only pay when you sell something!

CORE Admin Portal

A self-serve portal for schools or other clients to access images & data, select poses & run reports. It’s Free!

In a nutshell:

CORE Office allows photographers to:

Manage everything about jobs such as email & text campaigns
Customize retail Ecommerce pages including watermarks & gallery layouts
Create & Save “offers” (sets of products & pricing to be used later)
Enter orders from pre-pay forms individually or via spreadsheet
Manage images and pre-orders
Access powerful reports to make your business better and more!

CORE Retail (e-commerce) empowers photographers to:

Accept pre-orders, first orders, re-orders and onsite orders in one platform
Offer Mix & Match packages from multiple images
Sell more by offering product suggestions
Create & accept gift certificates and coupon codes for savings
Allow consumers to customize images with text & graphics
Allow consumers to design-their-own packages using our Pick-A-Pack tool
Let consumers select their own chroma key backgrounds and much more!

CORE Admin Portal saves everyone time by giving staff at schools & organizations:

A place to view & approve yearbooks/composite images
The ability to see who has not been photographed
A tool to export names & data for field trips/events
Access to download complimentary & PR images

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