Our primary volume photography software platform. This web-based program (PC and MAC friendly) has 2 parts: the Admin for your office and Ecommerce to make sales.

CORE is the most extensive and powerful volume photography software tool in the industry for managing and marketing professional images.

It does (almost) everything! CORE is available at no charge and offered exclusively to our customers. It is part of our powerful suite of software to help you Earn More money and Work Less.

Some of our favorite software features include:

Extractions (Chroma Key or TKO) in minutes • FREE integrated email marketing •
*SMS Marketing • Mobile responsive ecommerce • Facial Recognition • QR codes for
individuals and events • Online payments with Paypal, Venmo, credit & debit cards •
Sales & Discount tools • Gift Certificates • Mix and Match packages • Smart upselling

*$0.02 per sms & $0.04 per mms text message. Emails are FREE.


Looking for a simpler solution?

NowCandid™ is our latest software offering.
This simple suite of software has tools for sports,
graduations, portraits and special events.
Available in the Apple App store for ipad and iphone
and in the Microsoft App store.

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