Photo Marketing Solutions

Everything you need to reach new customers, while better engaging current ones.

Higher profits, less work.

Candid Color Systems® marketing solutions are a go-to for photographers who want to devote the majority of their time to actually booking and shooting. Let us take care of the marketing process for you.

Digital Marketing

Tailored to each of our customers, the functionality of the website is nearly limitless when providing your customers the tools to visually customize product offerings. We supply graphics for the site to push retail customers through the sales process – graphics that speak to the various offer packages, sales opportunities and shipping methods.

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Email & Text Marketing

Emails and text messaging solutions are avenues of communications your customers expect.
These lines of communication are integrated into our software allowing for a cohesive marketing platform.

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Pre-Pay Marketing

We have perfected the tools and process in having a successful Picture Day. While it is a more traditional route, we understand the advantage in collecting orders and payments up front, and have built in systems to help.

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Re-Marketing for Pre-Pay

Once Picture Day is complete, there is still an opportunity to gain additional sales. We commonly see photographers make an additional 20% on online re-orders using our system. There is no risk to try online re-orders because we do not charge a hosting fee and we only bill you if you sell something. Re-orders are 70% profit!

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