Custom collages are ideal for displaying all of your customer’s favorite images

Choose from a variety of collage backgrounds and layouts.

We give both you and your customer the tools needed to build beautiful collages using the collage builder on our retail website.

Freestyle Collage Builder

The Freestyle Collage Builder is an exclusive Candid Color Systems® tool that allows customers to build detailed collages online with limited restrictions. This versatile product offers ultimate customization to retail customers with the ability to drag and drop images to create their own unique collage.

  • There are no pre-set templates allowing for the ultimate in customization
  • JPEG or PNG files can be used
  • Customers can pick from a variety of different backgrounds in both horizontal and vertical orientations
    • Or the photographer can upload their own custom background
  • Customized text including speech and thought bubbles can be added for a completely personalized look
  • Several styles have the option to add crests and logos

Sizes range from 5×7 to 30×40


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