Race & Marathon Photography

Candid Color Systems® offers software and methods that help identify race participants without any guesswork, along with the products to market to them and their families afterwards.


Race photography is often an underutilized market

Race photography can be very profitable if done the right way – and we can help. Race photographers are often able to capture an image that the consumer is not able to get using their cell phone. But sales are only successful when using the right photo marketing tools to get the image to the consumer’s home.

Products & Software Features

Important to the Race & Marathon Photography Market

Image ID’ing Software

Our software gives you the tools to identify the participants in each frame by their bib number. This allows us to create a private image gallery for each participant. We have the ability to include important photos such as the start shot in every image gallery. We can also sort images by category. We also offer a service to id images for photographers and we can accept data from chip timing mats to group images by finish time.


Customers will proudly display their accomplishments with our high quality plaques. Our plaques come in a variety of sizes with most showcasing either a 5×7 or 8×10 print with race specific graphics.

Titles and Graphics

We know customized images are a sales advantage to photographers and something that customers cannot create on their own using their camera or phone. Many of our products can be customized with titles, graphics such as speech bubbles and logos. The text and graphics can be set by the photographer, or you can allow the consumer to customize their own.

Image Downloads

Downloads can be offered individually or in packages.


We would only suggest photographing a race event if you are able to either get contact data from an event coordinator or collect contact information onsite from a high percentage of participants. We suggest identifying participants and images by bib number and emailing links directly to a private image gallery for each participant.

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