Sales Tax Management

Don’t fret about sales taxes for your online orders! We have you covered!

Online ecommerce orders

For your online orders placed through our ecommerce system, we calculate, collect and
pay sales taxes! It’s smooth and hassle-free!

Why are we doing this?
As an ecommerce provider, we are considered a Marketplace Facilitator.
But this makes things easier for YOU!

We also provide detailed reporting so you can see what has been paid!

Orders placed in your office

If you are collecting orders on paper forms (or via another offline method) and then enter those orders in our free office software, we do NOT pay your sales taxes on those orders.

In this case where the orders and funds do not flow through our system initially, you are responsible for your taxes as usual.

Additionally, due to Federal tax laws, we are required by law to maintain a complete, up-to-date file of sales tax exemption certificates for our customers.

These certificates allow us to substantiate the exempt sales we report to all states.

New accounts will be asked for this information in order to avoid paying taxes on orders placed in your office.

*Important note- CCS staff are not tax professionals and/or legal advisors and cannot give tax filing advice