CCS is proud to offer a program we call White Glove. It, of course, derives its' name from the full-service capabilities we can offer professional photographers. With White glove, we want to be your resource for data entry and marketing in addition to professional photo finishing and direct-mail to your clients (when needed).

White Glove - Why use white glove | Pricing

We want to take the office work off your shoulders! The intent of White Glove is to make sure you have the time to do the 2 most important things for your business: Book and Shoot!

To Get started see the How-To document and complete the White Glove Account Request Form.
About White Glove | White Glove Account Request Form | White Glove How-To
These documents are also available on CandidNet (our internal site for customers)

We also firmly believe that our marketing systems work and improve sales for both speculation and pre-pay marketing scenarios. We want to make sure your shoots and events take full advantage of the tools we can offer... so we will do it for you!

This service is available for those who shoot team and individual sports pictures using a pre-pay or speculation marketing method. CCS will enter athlete data, enter orders, and identify images (for speculation and online remarketing from pre-pay). CCS will also set up your event online for e-commerce and set-up email campaigns (for pre-pay re-marketing OR initial marketing in the case of speculation), print & mail photo proofs and print your pre-pay order forms or speculation sequence cards. You only need CCS Uploader to get started (our program used to transmit images to the lab).

Use the White Glove program for your photography business:
  • so you do not need to hire/schedule additional office staff during your busy times
  • so you do not need to hire & manage office staff for data/order entry
  • so you can focus on booking and shooting in your office
  • so you do not need to learn software
  • so you can benefit from remarketing your jobs

The White Glove program can be used with Speculation or Pre-Pay marketing.

What does the White Glove program cost? CCS charges the following...

  • $.40 per card or form for entry
  • $.35 per card or form with email addresses!
You get a discount for collecting emails!
NOTE: The above pricing is not impacted by how many images are submitted per name/email. We WANT you to shoot more. This pricing is dependent on following the instructions laid out in the White Glove How-To. Failure to follow the guidelines can incur additional fees that are laid out in the How-To. If you are interested in this service using a custom offer or custom forms, please contact us for pricing.
Cost example
An event of 250 kids with an email address for each would cost $87.50 to enter orders & data or just data. With a $35 sales avg., 50% order rate and total sales of $4375...
This service would cost just 2% of sales! Much better than finding, hiring & training extra staff!
Additionally, we expect that by using email marketing the ongoing sales from this event would be ever higher and thus the White Glove cost as a % of sales would decrease.
To Get started see the How-To document and complete the White Glove Account Request Form.

What are the program limitations? At this time, the White Glove Program is...

  • Not for Attitude shoots
  • Not for Virtual groups
  • Not for events that require PIN protection
  • Not for events where CCS is used purely for re-orders on a pre-pay event at this time
  • Only for use with our CCS Default Sports Offer (you can customize with your own pricing)
Questions? Contact customer Development. 1-800-336-4550