Candid Color Systems® helps our customers images look the very best by providing digital service, such as color correction, retouching, and custom artwork. Color correction is always FREE of charge and provided to all our customers.

Color Correction

Candid Color Systems® helps our customers images look the very best. Our color correction staff works to perfect each photo by adjusting densities to help with underexposure and overexposure, adjusting saturation for photos that have the common "digital red/orange" effect, adding contrast as needed and making the overall appearance of each print the best it can be. This service is provided with all photos sent through the lab at no charge to our customers!


Retouching gives our customers' products a competitive edge over normal everyday photography and has been proven to increase sales. Candid Color Systems® offers several options for retouching. Quick Retouching lightly softens facial complexions including blemishes and wrinkles as well as brightening teeth and eyes, while enhancing the overall quality of the finished photos. We also offer custom retouching and more extensive retouching upon request.

Custom Artwork

Candid Color Systems® is the leader in the photographic industry for consistently introducing "custom artwork" with cutting-edge graphics and designs.

Our artists have created multitudes of custom artwork products including:
  • Attitude Group Panos
  • Level Two™ designs - both single image and multi-image
  • Virtual Groups
  • Attitude Pics
  • Spotlight Memory Mates
  • and more!
With many of our innovative products, our graphic artists take our customers' posed, action or simulated images and place them on the backgrounds, match the color of the subject's uniform and clothing and customize to the event/team/group. Many designs can also be customized with the athlete's name, team, organization logo, year or school letter. We have a large selection of layouts, designs, borders and title options for almost any market to customize our customer's photos to their team/league/group.

We also create individual co-branded prints, calendars, logos, and other specialized products that customize photos with fun graphics that tie the photo to a specific event forever.

Customization sells! Increase sales today with custom artwork by Candid Color. Inquire about an account today OR Call Customer Development Today to find out options for customizing products for an upcoming event of yours!