View First™ Pre-Pay Pre-Pay+Online Remarketing

The basics

  • Advertise photo day
  • Take photos & collect customer contact data
  • Send photo proofs via email (paper proofs optional)
  • Parents view photos
  • Collects orders online
  • CCS receives, produces & ships

Advantages to the photographer
  • Booking! Book hard-to-get business with a system that appeals to coaches, leagues, schools & consumers
  • Typically lower participation (purchase) rates than pre-pay BUT higher average sales per order than pre-pay
  • Low error rates because the consumer enters their own data/orders
  • Postage = a profit center

Cons of this system

  • Photographer receives money when orders are placed instead of on photo day

Advantages to Leagues/Schools/Coaches

  • No order forms to pass out
  • No photos to distribute

Advantages to retail customers

  • No money needed on photo day
  • View photos first
  • Select favorite poses & expressions
  • No delay in getting orders. They are produced and shipped within 24 hours
  • Pay with credit card, check or even Pay Pal.
  • Optional addition of text bubbles, titles, graphics, and text boxes
  • Easy process for split families

The basics

  • Distribute order forms via a league/school and their coaches in advance of a shoot
  • Collect orders and payments on photo day
  • Enter order data
  • Typically orders ship to the photographer to return to the league/school and are then distributed by coaches

Advantages to the photographer
  • Cash flow - orders & payments collected upfront
  • Typically high participation (purchase) rates BUT lower avg. sales per order than View First™

Cons of this system

  • The photographer depends on the organization & coaches to pass out forms
  • Organizations & coaches are also needed to distribute photos
  • Athletes need to bring money or parents need to be present at the shoot to pay
  • Parents do not get to see their photos before buying.
  • Typically only one pose taken

The basics

  • The same as Pre-Pay plus:
  • Customer data and images saved to CCS' website for online remarketing
  • Send photo proofs via email (paper proofs optional)
  • Collect re-orders online
  • CCS receives, produces & ships re-orders direct-to-consumers

Advantages to the photographer

  • The same as Pre-pay PLUS 10-20% increase in orders via online re-orders
  • Re-orders are 70% profit

Advantages to retail customers

  • The ability to order for those who missed initial orders, need more products, would like other family members to order
  • Optional addition of text bubbles, titles and graphics

CCS advantages for the photographer:

  • Free order entry & image management software
  • Fast turnaround - orders produced & shipped in 48 hrs, or less
  • Ability to batch & package orders by league, division, team, &/or individual
  • Free Fedex ground shipping back to your office
  • Drop-shipping to schools/leagues
  • Free color correction
  • No minimums
  • Graphics and titles with team name, league logos, etc
  • Free image storage for 5 years
  • Order & data entry available


*No labor costs for order & data entry or identification are included here.