Candid Color Systems® has established themselves as the leader and innovator in the sports photography. We are a full-service sports photography lab marketing resource.

Sports Market Solutions by Candid Color Systems®

Candid Color is the largest full-service special events lab that can handle sports photography from start to finish. Our proprietary software provides our customers with both the automation and the flexibility needed to run any sports photography business without time-consuming administrative tasks. This means more booking and shooting, less time behind the computer.

From online customer ordering to print delivery, Candid Color Systems® provides sports photography eCommerce solutions for one low fee. This fee covers image storage, guaranteed funds (no bad checks or credit cards to worry about) and fulfillment. It's an efficient system that decreases photographer workload as well as ours. This decreases the delivery time to end customers using your choice of shipping methods.

We can also assist your business in many other ways
  • Your online storefront
  • Online proofs
  • Ordering process
  • Fullfilment
  • PayFirst™ sports photography
  • ViewFirst™ sports photography
  • Support & training
  • Training & webinars
  • Customer service
  • QuicPost™
  • CORE®
Our expert lab techs will provide your business free of charge:
  • Color and density correction of each individual image
  • Auto Sizing (no need for you to pre-size or pre-crop images)
  • Cropping - we automatically center crop images or correct-crop them when necessary.
Give us a call and find out how we can help grow your Sports Photography business.