School photography can be a competitive but lucrative market, and in response, we have given our customers a competitive edge by providing the software and products needed to impress schools and parents.
Candid Color Systems® offers a multitude of print products designed specifically for school photographers. Custom artwork can also be used on a variety of our products making school photography easy.
School products and services
offered by Candid Color Systems

School software highlights

Digital Image Downloads
Digital Image Downloads are perfect for customers who prefer a digital copy of their images to share online and with their friends and family. Customers can choose from high, medium, or low resolution downloads that are delivered instantly via email after being purchased online.
Multi-image collages are ideal for displaying all of your customers' favorite images. Choose from a variety of backgrounds and layouts that have anywhere between 2-15 image nodes. All of our collages have the option to add either titles or bold, graphic text for a completely personalized look.
Retouching Services
We provide a wide array of retouching services that include, but are not limited to, removing small blemishes, fixing stray hairs, whitening teeth and removing braces altogether. School day photos have never looked better!

Fun Packs
Fun Packs are an innovative school product offered in 5 different designs. Each fun pack includes a ruler, door hanger, book mark, calendar and 2 luggage tags.
School stickers are available in sets of 36 and are personalized with the student's image, name, teacher's name and grade.

School product and software features

Selecting school yearbook online
Using CCS Core software and retail website, you can allow your families to select their student's yearbook photo online. This is a great "service" for families and a wonderful way to drive traffic to your images!

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selecting yearbook photo online
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Yearbook and Admin CDs at NO COST

CCS' CORE software allows users to create their own Yearbook and Admin CDs in all necessary formats at no cost with the click of a button. Then just burn the CD in your office!

Import Sequencing & Order data

Users can easily import data (in the form of excel or csv files) from programs such PhotoLynx and Timestone for use in CCS' CORE program. Then users can have access to producing products without re-keying data, online remarketing, email & message marketing and much more!

Virtual Groups

Create class groups of any size from individual shots taken on green or blue screen. This service is available on a wide array of background designs for $0.26 per image. Custom art is available.