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We have solutions for your graduation needs. Our network provides Traditional Graduation & Commencement photography services as well as other Virtual options.


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Grad Photo Network Solution Provider

Personal Achievement Graphics (“PAGs”)

These graphics will honor the graduate by name and can include optional information such as degree, major, quote, graduate photo, school logo and school colors. These graphics are a great way to create solidarity and spread cheer. They are intended to be shared via social media by the student or the school. PAGs can be distributed directly to students using a link to download their image or returned to the school in bulk. Schools can use these graphics in other ceremony plans or they can be combined into a virtual or online ceremony video.

Virtual or Online Ceremony Videos

We can offer a video combining all of the Personal Achievement Graphics for students in a particular college or program. This video would be delivered as a high-resolution mp4 and can be hosted on a website, delivered via social media or email link or even used during a live ceremony. Virtual or online ceremony videos can be delivered with music or can be delivered with no music for the school to add their own audio. Name reading audio options also are available. Click here to view a sample Virtual Ceremony Video.

Name Announcement Clips

This short movie file is where we show the personal achievement graphic AND the student’s name is read aloud. Great for social media! We can return these directly to the student via a personal link!

A Celebration Webpage

We can provide a custom page for each school where we will host the Virtual or Online Ceremony video (created as a slideshow of PAGs and options text, optional additional campus pictures and audio). On this same celebration page we can also host each student’s Personal Achievement Graphics, Name Announcement Clips and Animations (depending on what is ordered). We can also accept up to 10 videos from the school and will even host the page for at least 5 years.

  • Click here to view a sample celebration page with a virtual/online ceremony video that includes name announcements.
  • Click here to view a sample celebration page with a virtual/online ceremony video on the left and sample video from the school on the right.

And we make things easy for schools by providing an optional Admin Portal where staff can review data and images collected.

We also have the ability to send graphics directly to the individual student eliminating the need for the school to distribute social media files to each student.

Graduate Animations

We offer animated, shareable graphics for individual students for when you want more visual appeal than a Personal Achievement Graphic. Graduate Animations can also honor the student by name and can include optional information such as degree, major, quote, graduate photo, school logo and school colors. The Animations are returned as mp4 files and are intended to be shared via social media by the student. They can be distributed directly to students using a link to download their animation or they can be returned to the school in bulk.

Virtual Group

We can create a virtual group picture using individual images. There is no need for a large group of graduates to be together for this to work. The Virtual Group can optionally include names and can be provided to every graduate within a particular college, degree or program.

Custom Backgrounds

We offer custom backgrounds for Cap & Gown portraits, in which a graduate is posed against a solid backdrop with a digital background then added to the final product. Our system allows customers to select a background on our website and preview the final image before placing their order. Photographers can select from our gallery of thousands of backgrounds or upload their school specific backgrounds.

Virtual Celebration Registration

Do you need a way to collect information from students to decide who wants to participate in a Virtual or Online Ceremony? Or do you need a way to collect more student information so you can provide them with a Personal Achievement graphic or animation for social media? We can help! We can provide a registration page to collect optional and required data that could include: Name, Degree, Major, student image, mailing address and more! We even offer an administration portal where you can review the information collected!

Safe Ceremonies

We provide ideas and solutions for safe ceremonies which allow students and administrators to remain at a distance and the ceremony to function touch-free. Images and names can be served to a big screen, video can be incorporated, images can be sent immediately to parents, friends and family who may be viewing from the audience or even at home. Ask us to learn more.

Graduation Gifts

Send your grads a gift! We can offer easy ways to send gifts to your graduates. We can even send these gifts to only graduates who register. Consider customized mugs, plaques containing the student’s personal achievement graphics, spirit sticks that include the graduate’s cut-out, yard signs, and much more!

A Simple Celebration Plan

There are many definitions of a Virtual Ceremony. In working with colleges and universities who are already well on their way to conducting a Virtual Celebration of some kind, we have found a simple and effective plan. We have also learned things that should be considered.

STEP 1 Registration

  • The school provides student contact data so links to register can be sent to each student
  • Registration links which are unique to each student are sent out via email
  • Data is collected for each student during registration

STEP 2 Personal Achievement Graphics

  • After the registration deadline passes, a Personal Achievement Graphic will be created for each student
  • A Virtual Group picture of the class or a particular program/department could be created

STEP 3 A Ceremony Video

  • A Virtual Ceremony video is created using all of the students’ achievement graphics

STEP 4 A Webpage for your Virtual Celebration

  • The Virtual Celebration video and Personal Achievement Graphics are loaded to a Celebration Webpage for the school
  • The school can also provide additional videos and graphics for the Celebration Webpage
  • The school shares the link to the Celebration Webpage or places that page on their own school website
  • Students can download and share their achievement graphics from the Celebration Webpage
  • An optional email can be sent to students to download their achievement graphics