Candid Color Systems® has quickly become one of the leading forces in innovative sports products. We can handle all aspects of a sports photography business from start to finish, including marketing materials, custom email campaigns, sport-specific product offerings and more!


Our proprietary software provides our customers with both the automation and flexibility needed to run their sports photography business without time-consuming administrative tasks. This means more time is spent booking and shooting and less time is spent in the office.

Our featured Sports products include:
  • Specialty Sports Products - Our selection of specialty sports products provide sports photographers with a wide variety of options to give to their customers. We have custom, sports-themed artwork designed specifically for several different products such as Memory Mates, Calendars and Bag Tags.
  • Attitude Panos - Attitude Panos are one of the top selling products in the sports photography market. These unique 10x30 prints are custom made from your images without the use of a green screen. Subjects can be photographed virtually anywhere, posed in a variety of different ways and can even be shot with sports equipment or other props.
  • Level Two™ Prints - Level Two products are created from posed, action or simulated action sports images. Our graphic artists place images on one of our 50+ Level TwoTM background designs, which are then matched to the color of the subject's uniform/clothing for ultimate customization.
  • Spotlight Memory Mate - Spotlight Memory Mates are the newest addition to our green screen based product line. This product is a more contemporary version of the traditional Memory Mate and features a team, or a group of individuals, with an enlarged image of one particular subject being "spotlighted" in front of the group.
  • Sports Plaques - Sports Plaques are available with a variety, sport-specific crests and have the ability to be customized with text. In addition to Sports Plaques, we also offer Home Plate Plaques and Soccer Ball Plaques that are perfect for displaying little league team photos