Candid Color Systems® customers who specialize in portrait or wedding photography can submit orders with ease to create products, build albums and post images online for their customers to view and order. We also offer digital retouching and digital art services to compliment portrait and wedding photography.


Candid Color constantly updates lab products and marketing materials to give photographers the tools they need to be more successful in these competitive markets. We have also created software with specific features and products geared towards portrait and wedding photography.

Our featured Portrait and Wedding products include:

  • Value Package Prints - This package is one of our most popular options in the portrait and wedding market. This three unit package includes: 1- 8x10 print, 2- 5x7 prints and 8 wallets.
  • Proof Books - Proof Books are an excellent way to display all of your client’s images. Proof books have thumbnail sized images bound together with a clear plastic cover for easy viewing.
  • Retouching Services - We provide a wide array of retouching services that include, but are not limited to, removing small blemishes, fixing stray hairs, whitening teeth and removing braces altogether.
  • Box Mounted Prints - Box mounted images are the perfect way to finish a print without adding a frame. Box mounting is an option for several print sizes and is available in either 3/4" or 1.5” thicknesses. Box mounting thickness varies by print size.
  • Greeting Cards - Our line of Generic and Holiday Greeting Cards are perfect for any occasion! Holiday Greeting Cards are available with multiple greetings and can be personalized with supplementary text at no additional charge.