We offer a wide array of products and services that fit the needs of this specialized market. More importantly, we know how to be successful in this market. We are extremely experienced in shooting and managing graduations.
Graduation products offered by Candid Color Systems
a sample of some CCS products important to graduation photography
Graduation Product & Pricing Overview PLUS a Simple Financial Model

Mix and Match packages
for graduations

You can allow your customer to purchase a package created from more than one image. This can help drive sales of the larger packages that you offer.
Print Titles for graduations Images can be customized with our trademark 3-line title to include the school, date and event name.
Zoom & Crop images
created for graduations

Create multiple images without shooting them. See the software section below for CCS' zoom crop offering.

Plaques & frames for Graduations
Finished prints are an important piece of this photography market. CCS offers an array of attractive frames at affordable prices by buying in large quantities. We also offer many other finishing solutions such as plaques and mounting to help graduates display their achievements.
Collages for graduations Graduations are a market that lends themselves well to multi-image products. CCS offers tools to allow retail customers and photographers alike, ways to build products using the graduate's handshake shot (crossing the stage), PR shots ( campus and speakers) and secondary shots.

Green screen for graduations
We have many years of experience in the best ways to shoot and offer green screen (or blue screen) at a graduation ceremony. We do suggest "pre-rendering" one or more backgrounds for retail customers. CCS also provides tools for "dynamic green screen" which allows retail customers to select their own background online when placing their photo order.

Downloadable images with titles and graphics
Many of our graphics can be applied to image downloads. For example: your customer could download a digital file of a magazine cover or titled image including the school logo or crest. Our image downloads are also available in different resolution sizes that can be used for social media or printing. Downloads are available to the retail customer right after the purchase online and can also be retrieved via email link.
Professional Photographers: Your graduation photography success starts here
If you are not studying how much you earn per graduate shot, sales per graduation order placed, the percent of graduates making a purchase or sales per shot type, then you do not have the information you need to improve your sales and profits. This may sound like a daunting task, but CCS has improved sales for some customers on the first year of working with them on their graduations by as much 200%. We can help. If you would like to have us review your graduation events and your graduation photography process, we can do this at no charge. We are confident that we will be able to help improve your sales and profits on the photography at your graduation ceremonies.
Graduation software tools offered by Candid Color Systems
Candid Color Systems specializes in events where we are not pre-selling onsite. Graduations are a perfect example of a photography opportunity that requires speculation or "View First" marketing after the event. We must connect the graduates and their families with their images to make a sale. We must also do this in a timely manner and continue to market the images over a several year period in some cases. CCS's CORE software helps you make the most profit when photographing graduations.

CCS' CORE software allows photographers to create email and/or printed photo proofs and quickly submit orders to the lab. We find that one of the biggest factors in success for the graduation market (other than good photography) is speed. We strive to send links of "identified" images to graduates and their families within 24-48 hours of the event. We also strive for speed in production and mail completed orders directly to the retail customer. Our graduation photography software also allows for orders submitted by phone, mail, email or fax to be submitted to our professional photography lab for production with ease.

Below is a sample of some functions CORE can handle
Identify graduation images
Candid Color Systems offers our CORE software to "identify" graduation images. This allows photographers the ability to send customized proofs via email or print to each graduate.

Email marketing
Email marketing is a critical piece of the photography business which is frequently overlooked or at least under-utilized. Email can be used to generate original or reorders. We see orders coming in online (especially from high-value events such as graduations) for up to 2 years after an event takes place. Our system automates the email process or you. We encourage collecting as many emails as possible for each participant and our software will send messages to each address. CCS' CORE software will also track which email address has an order placed against it and trigger appropriate emails based on purchase history.

Text message marketing
CCS utilizes mobile marketing to alert customers as quickly as possible when they can view and order their pictures online.

"All" shots and PR Photography
CCS realizes that not every photo taken at a graduation ceremony is tied to a particular individual. You will take many PR and campus shots that should, and can, be tied to all of the graduates for viewing and ordering.

Marketing materials for graduation photography are also available for purchase from CCS.