Candid Color Systems® provides complete systems that enable customers to conduct and enhance their businesses. Our Printing API is a reliable way to monetize your current website or app while offering a unique service that adds fun, creativity, and a tangible outcome to your users.


No upfront fees. No monthly maintenance frees. You only pay when you make a sale!

Charges and Fees You Incur Sales Simple API Custom API
Monthly Fee none none
Annual Fee none none
Setup Fee none none
Handling Fee per Order $0.28 (not per item)
Direct Packaging Costs (no CCS markup)
Direct Shipping Costs (no CCS markup)
Product Cost
Website fee - 7% of subtotal** N/A
Credit Card fee - 3% N/A
We collect taxes on your behalf (when applicable) N/A
We remit profits to you weekly N/A
We invoice for orders weekly N/A

Pricing Examples for a water bottle
Simple API Custom API
1. Charges to retail consumer $21.26
Retail pricing $15* (set by you)
Shipping charge $5
Tax (ex: 8.375%) $1.26
1. Charges to consumer (set by you)
The transaction is conducted on your website at your prices and you collect payment from the customer.
2. CCS charges you $6.08
Water bottle wholesale cost $4.56
Packaging and handling $0.19 + $0.28 = $0.47
7% online service fee** (use of website - charged on subtotal) $1.05
2. CCS charges you $5.03
Water bottle wholesale cost from CCS $4.56
Packaging and handling $0.19 + $0.28 = $0.47
3. CCS Shipping & credit card processing fees $3.31
3% charged by and remitted to credit card company $0.64
Pre-sort fee (USPS mail house service) $.04
USPS postage*** $2.63
3. CCS Shipping fees $2.67
Pre-sort fee (USPS mail house service) $.04
USPS postage*** $2.63

Total charged to API customer from CCS credit card and shipping vendors $9.39

Revenue earned by API customer $21.26
LESS Tax charged for online sale -$1.26
LESS all fees & charges -$9.39

Profit earned by Simple API customer $10.61

Total charged to API customer from CCS $7.70

Your payment is due to CCS weekly, OR Your credit card or bank account on file will be charged weekly.

Earnings remitted to API customers each Wednesday via check distribution or automated draft to your bank account.
You will have access to our full catalog with product pricing after completing the API application.

* Can be changed at any time.
** This fee may be reduced for customers doing a large volume. Contact us for volume discounts.
*** FedEx is a shipping option.