Candid Color Systems® provides complete systems that enable customers to conduct and enhance their businesses. Our Printing API is a reliable way to monetize your current website or app while offering a unique service that adds fun, creativity, and a tangible outcome to your users.

How it Works - 2 Options

Add the ability to sell hundreds of products to your website or app!
No upfront or ongoing fees. You only pay if you sell something!

Compare the Features

For those with a website
or app but no shopping cart
You host images on your website or app as usual.
Add our code to you existing website or app.
Your retail customer is directed to our website shopping cart.
CCS takes your customer's order and processes their payment.
CCS produces and ships the order.
CCS deposits the profits into your account weekly.

For those with a website
or app and a shopping cart
You host images on your website or app as usual.
You use your own shopping cart for sales and process payments as usual.
You pass CCS an order using our XML specification.
CCS produces and ships your order.

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