Candid Color Systems® provides complete systems that enable customers to conduct and enhance their businesses. Our Printing API is a reliable way to monetize your current website or app while offering a unique service that adds fun, creativity, and a tangible outcome to your users.


Why connect to CCS?
Candid Color Systems offers 2 API options which allow website or mobile application users to order custom products using their images. It gives you a reliable way to monetize your website or app while offering users a unique service that adds fun, creativity and a tangible outcome to their experience. Candid Color Systems enables you to concentrate on making your website or app a success while we take care of all the technical, logistical and service aspects of a worldwide print and delivery service.

What if I don't have any orders produced, will you still charge me?
No, there is no account maintenance fee—no orders means no charges.

Who is the API intended for?
This API is for website and application developers/owners who wish to monetize their website or application and improve it through incorporating an additional and desirable service for users.

How much will the API cost me?
For you as a website or application developer, integration with a Candid Color Systems API is absolutely free of charge. When you make a sale we will deduct the product and delivery cost from the sale price and remit the rest to you.

How much will it cost the user?
The cost for the user depends on the types of products ordered and the delivery destination. You always have the option to set retail prices for your customers.

Can I send my users through my own checkout?
Yes. Send them through your own checkout process while using the Custom API option.

Can you handle checkout for me?
If you want us to handle checkout for your users, choose the Simple API option and we will take care of everything.

Where can you ship to?
We can ship anywhere in the world. Please discuss international options during set up.

What type of files can I print?
Currently, the printing lab supports JPEG and PNG images.