Candid Color Systems® provides complete systems that enable customers to conduct and enhance their businesses. Our Printing API is a reliable way to monetize your current website or app while offering a unique service that adds fun, creativity, and a tangible outcome to your users.

To You (the website or app owner)

Monetize your website or app
Make more money without spending time developing additional features or researching 100s of vendors.
Simply add our code (or use our XML spec for Custom API users) and receive more revenue.

Control your branding
Keep control over your brand.
For Simple Printing API users- you can link to our website which has been customized using your colors, logo and contact information. You can also include your branded elements in transaction emails and packaging.
For Custom API users- send customers through your usual shopping and checkout process. You can customize the name on the packaging your customer receives from us  and you can opt to include custom stuffers in your orders (ask about stuffer pricing)!

Work with an experienced vendor
We have been producing photos and other gift items for professionals for over 40 years. Rather than research a large array of production vendors, you can get 100s of options in one convenient and reliable solution.

Put your brand in front of other potential customers
Selling physical prints and other gift items with your logo on them is a great way to keep your brand in front of your customer and other potential customers. Letting your customer select their image to complete a product is a way to ensure your logo won't end up in the trash.

Receive more website traffic
By offering the option to order custom products using their own image, your website will provide a reason for users to return again and again!

To your customer

Add value for your customer
By adding the ability to order 100s of products to your website or app, you are giving your users a reason to look at your website and keep coming back!

Remember: There is no upfront API cost, there are no maintenance or ongoing API fees and we offer API integration support at no charge!