Candid Color Systems® is the leader in the photographic industry for consistently introducing custom artwork with cutting-edge graphics and designs. Our innovative product section houses hundreds of modern products created by our in-house art department that are sure to impress any client.

CCS' Patented Virtual Group

Virtual Groups are a modern alternative to a traditional group and are a unique way to create group photos from a collection of individuals photographed in front of a green screen background. Virtual Groups can open doors to more portrait opportunities, provide additional sales, are great booking tools and provide options to overcome the physical challenges of actually shooting groups. Unique selling points include:
  • Better shot of each person
    • Everyone is in sharp focus
    • Everyone is equally visible
    • Everyone is individually color corrected
  • Lighting is consistent throughout the entire group
  • Consistent head size from first row to last
  • No worries about inclement weather
  • Names can be added on some styles

Available Sizes
- 10x14 Looks best with 1-100 subjects
- 10x30 Looks best with 301-1500 subjects
- 10x18 Looks best with 26-200 subjects
- 8x10/16x20 Looks best with 1-50 subjects
- 10x24 Looks best with 51-1500 subjects

Virtual Groups typically take 3-5 business days to be completed, however service time could take longer if any image clean up is involved or during high volume periods.