Candid Color Systems® provides products and solutions that will help grow your photography business. We value opportunities to educate customers on ways they can improve their business. You’ll find success stories shared here that are the result of Candid Color’s solutions and strategies.

One of the major benefits of Candid Color Systems® being in business for so long is the collection of information that we have to share with our customers. Success stories are a great way to share actual procedures that have been analyzed and are considered a best practice in shooting events.

Online View First Success Story

A school portrait photographer who had been using a different lab and method for marketing their school portraits made a change to CCS this season to test our website and View First Marketing methods.

In the past they had been doing the traditional paper proofing view first system. They would print the order forms and send them back to the school to be distributed to the students, then parents would mail in their orders.

This process was taking 3-5 days to get their proof order forms created and delivered back to the school. Then it would take weeks to get their orders back from parents and keyed in to their ordering system.

This year, they collected email addresses and cell phone numbers on a flyer the students brought back on picture day. Images were online and emails to parents went out within 24-48 hours of picture day.

Within a couple of weeks, sales on this event compared to last year increased by over 100%. On an event with the same number of students they were able to reduce the labor and cost of producing, delivering, handling and manually keying proof form orders, while more than doubling the sales from $8,000 to $17,000. Contact a customer service representative today to learn more about View First and how Candid Color Systems can grow your photography business.