Candid Color Systems to act as a central repository for photos displaced by the May 2013 Tornados in Oklahoma and to re-print customers' photos at no cost

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, May 22, 2013 Candid Color Systems® (CCS), an Oklahoma City-based professional photo lab providing services to photographers nation-wide, would like to offer assistance to those affected by the tornados in Moore, Shawnee and across our state.

Candid Color Systems® is acting as a central repository for displaced photos. We encourage individuals and organizations who find photos during the clean-up process, to get the photos to our corporate office. Our goal is re-connect the owners of these photos with their precious memories. To accomplish this we will keep their memories safe, scan the photos and place the images on a website where they can be claimed or where the public can help provide clues as to the owner(s) of the photos.

CCS is deeply saddened by the devastation that has occurred in our state. It is at times like this - when so much is lost - that people find that their photos, and the memories they represent, become even more important to them. 

We will also re-produce, at no charge, any pictures that have been lost due to the storms that we have taken through one of our affiliate brands if we still have those images in our facility. This will include pictures from Glamour Shots® sessions, Party Pics® events, and Candid Color Photography events (including sports, graduation and school photography).

If you have found displaced photos or feel that we may have a digital copy of some of your memories, please visit for more information.

Who We Are

Candid Color Systems® has been in the business of producing photos and photographic products for our brands and for other professional photographers across the U.S. for over 40 years. We are very grateful to the community for so many years in business and for all of their support. To learn more about our facility, background and our credentials to provide this type of assistance, please visit

Media Contact:

Alison Counts
Marketing Director
Candid Color Systems
Glamour Shots Licensing
1-800-336-4550, ext 814
cell 405-570-4367

Contact information for the public

Mail photos to:
Candid Color Systems c/o Tornado Picture Collection
1300 Metropolitan Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73108